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Sony Xperia T shown on UK's Phones4U... with AT&T branding

Brad Molen

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Seeing the trademark AT&T globe brandished on the front of the Sony Xperia T may simply pass as a pleasant surprise for US customers if it were leaked through a Stateside e-tailer, but the GSM giant's logo popping up on a UK website is more of a head-scratcher. Yet, as you can see in the shot above, the Phones4U image of the new Xperia flagship (likely the TX, in this case) sports the famous icon below the screen, in place of the traditional Xperia branding. To add more fuel to the rumor fire, the back of the AT&T-ized variant is broken up into three segments, setting it apart from the international version's one-piece. Naturally we remain skeptics on the matter, but the two pieces of evidence at least hold a little more weight than your standard website blunder.

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