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Steam Community out of beta, now live for everyone

Jordan Mallory

Steam's massive Community update has finished its beta phase and entered the wide open world of public availability, Valve announced today. The only two things required to log into the system are a Steam account and the desire to interact with other living human beings, one of which is more easily acquired than the other.

The meat of the Steam Community is its Game Hubs, which serve as Reddit-ish collections of both official and user-generated videos, screenshots, workshop items, and news for specific games, with all content being up or down-voted by users. Steam Community also lets users create non-game-specific "Groups" and enhances profile functionality by grouping all the content you've created into one place.

Steam Workshop and Steam Greenlight have also been wrapped up into Steam Community, and the Friends tab has been expanded to show you what your Steam pals are doing in the Community. You can also give people nicknames now, so get out there and start renaming all your contacts "Butts MacKenzie."

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