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We want your most creative City of Heroes character!


While we at Massively are certainly disheartened to hear of City of Heroes' imminent closure, we also feel like celebrating the great run that this title had. As part of our tribute to City of Heroes, we want to gather some of the most creative character designs that the players have come up with over the years for possible use in a future column. Think of it as the ultimate costume contest!

So if you're proud of a superhero that you whipped up in CoH or want to see him/her/it immortalized, listen up! Send in your absolute best screenshot of that character (minimum of 600 pixels wide) along with the name and a story of your time playing that superhero to with the subject line "My City of Heroes superhero."

Please note that due to the potential volume of submissions, we're asking just for one character per person -- so make it your best!

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