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Ask Creative Development Round III answers revealed

Matthew Rossi

I have kind of a vested interest in the lore of World of Warcraft, so it was with great surprise and not a little excitement that I heard via the twitter grapevine that Ask Creative Development Round III had finally answered all those questions.

There's a lot of answers here to questions I've seen posed quite often. A few highlights are as follows:
  • Wrathion thinks he's the last black dragon, but Sabellian is still in Outland leading the black dragons there, and there could even be black drgaons in Azeroth Wrathion doesn't know about yet.
  • Ever wonder who Garithos was, exactly? Now you can find out.
  • It's not an Old God under Tirisfal Glades. What is it? No one knows, but it's bad, and it's not an Old God. You should probably leave it alone anyway.
  • The New Council of Tirisfal done broke up, like most supergroups, and no one knows where Med'an went.
  • The secrets of Gilnean harvest magic, priest mental magic, and blood elf green eyes are all revealed.
So head on over to the forums and take a gander at Ask Creative Development III's answers.

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