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Minecraft 'Adventure' update on XBLA 'still weeks away'


Look, we really want the next big update for Minecraft's XBLA incarnation – the big "Adventure" update, which adds NPCs, villages, strongholds, abandoned mineshafts – but it won't be here this week, it seems.

Minecraft XBLA developer 4J Studios says it's "still weeks away." Taking to Twitter, the studio's official account says, "We're still working on 1.8.2 [the Adventure update]. A few things left to add, more work on the Creative Mode interface, then lots of test." Was that an invitation to test it? Because that's totally what it sounded like on this side. Just slide that code on over, 4J.

Beyond the aforementioned updates in 1.8.2, the Adventure update adds Creative mode, allowing for unlimited building (without having to mine), limited only by the constraints of the Xbox 360's RAM. We'll see what that means in ... um, some weeks from now. Soon-ish. Better than "eventually," eh?

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