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Samsung's split personality patent conjures up a camera with detachable media player

Zachary Lutz

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Samsung recently added some serious smarts to its point-and-shoot lineup with the Galaxy Camera, which -- if you're so inclined -- can also double as a personal communicator and multimedia player. As we discovered during our hands-on with the device, however, its bulky size could deter many who might've hoped to carry it at all times. A patent just granted to Samsung might change all that, however, which describes a camera that also acts as a multimedia player, only with one curious difference: the PMP unit is detachable. Naturally, this component houses the display and its own separate storage, but also contains the multimedia module that's necessary for the camera to record movies. Samsung applied for this patent back in 2007, which suggests this particular setup may never see the light of day. Then again, if such a split personality camera ever appears, there's a good chance that it'll carry the Samsung name.

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