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Verizon: we will have multiple Windows Phone 8 handsets


Looks like WP8 is going to get a lot more love from Verizon Wireless than WP7 ever did. Big Red's Chief Marketing Officer Tami Erwin informed CNET that several Windows Phone 8 devices will make their way to the network before the end of Q4 2012. That means that the HTC Trophy will no longer be the sole Microsoft-powered mobile, and according to VZW COO Marni Walden, there might even be a Nokia handset or two on Verizon's network in the future -- no word whether the either of the new Lumias will make the cut. As for the hardware slated to show up in the next few months, Verizon's neither telling who's making them just yet nor when they will officially debut. But, it's good to know that folks will have the option of using Microsoft's new super-speedy OS on Verizon's lightning quick LTE network this year.

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