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Rayman Jungle Run 'balts to iOS and Android as auto-run platformer


Take a page from Adam Atomic's auto-run platformer, Canabalt, and embellish it with the vivid artwork of Rayman Origins. Now you've got Rayman Jungle Run, a challenging iOS and Android outing for Ubisoft's legendary and largely legless rascal.

The game runs on the UbiArt framework (with Retina Display support), but doesn't simply recycle content from Rayman's most recent game. The controls are stripped down for touchscreens - a tap to jump and a longer touch to hover – while the new levels narrow your focus to immediate dangers in your path. Much like the toughest levels in Rayman Origins, the paths here feel strictly orchestrated, breathless and just barely comprehensible within the precious time you have to leap over gaps and dash through loops.

Rayman Jungle Run brings that reactive style of platforming, along with the franchise's visual and musical charms, to mobile platforms on September 20.

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