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Spartacus Legends goes free-to-play on XBLA


The Kung Fu Factory-developed Spartacus Legends will be a free-to-play game on XBLA, Ubisoft has announced. Spartacus Legends is the first third-party entry in Microsoft's free-to-play pilot program on XBLA, following Ascend: New Gods and Happy Wars. Spartacus Legends will also be available (and free) on PSN when it launches in Q1 2013.

Outside of combat, players can develop their own staple of warriors in Spartacus Legends and control their progress, equipping them with personal weapons and training them in one of eight different fighting styles.

I spent some time playing it during Ubisoft's unveiling event and, at first glance, it's very reminiscent of Deadliest Warrior – though combatants in Spartacus Legends can withstand a lot more punishment. The combat is more combo-focused, so you won't lose an arm with a single swipe.

It's a bit less realistic, but since permadeath is in play you may be glad fighters can take more of a beating. Yes, once your gladiator dies, he's dead forever.

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