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Verizon adding suite of Amazon apps to all new Android devices

Brad Molen

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Most US carriers have been pulling back on the sheer number of pre-installed apps thrown onto the latest Android devices, but Verizon appears to be heading in the opposite direction. An announcement found within the safe confines of Big Red's internal system indicates that the Samsung Galaxy Stellar wasn't the only product in the lineup to get officially introduced to a suite of Amazon apps -- every single Android device gracing Verizon's shelves will also get the same treatment. The suite includes apps for the Kindle, Shopping, MP3, IMDb, Audible and Zappos. There was no word on whether the bloatware can be disabled or uninstalled, but since the policy goes into effect today, we should find out pretty soon. We highly doubt this will be a focal point at Amazon's press event, but we won't skirt over the possibility of it getting some time on Jeff Bezos' teleprompters.

As a sidenote, Verizon mentions here that this policy excludes Google experience devices and tablets, which could be cause for speculation that new Nexus devices (including tablets) are en route to the LTE carrier. This wording is pretty open, however, and it may simply be Verizon's way of covering themselves in case such a device comes out in the future.

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