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Adobe Reader 10.1 for Windows Phone brings updated file browser, new search functions and more


Judging by WP Marketplace reviews from folks like yourself, the platform's Adobe Reader application is in much need of a few tweaks -- and, well, that's exactly what the Flash maker's done. As it did with its Android and iOS counterparts a few months back, Adobe's now bringing an updated version (10.1, to be exact) of its mobile Reader app to the Windows Phone 7.5 crowd. Among the most notable features you'll find are a revamped file browser, new search functionalities that make it easier to find words and phrases within documents, plus the ability to navigate PDF documents using the Page Scrubber or bookmarks you have set. Unfortunately, Adobe Reader 10.1 isn't up for download just yet, but it won't be too long before it eventually starts showing up on Redmond's app market.

Update: As our dear commenters have pointed out (and the Marketplace has since confirmed), the Adobe Reader update is now available for everyone's downloading pleasure. Enjoy.

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