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Bethesda undecided on Wii U, cautious on next-gen consoles


Though the WiiPad might seem like an excellent instrument for managing your inventory of cheese wheels and soul gems in Skyrim, Bethesda doesn't have plans for Nintendo's upcoming console just yet. Bethesda marketing VP Pete Hines says the studio's "approach has been to put our games out on all of the platforms that will support them," but that "so far the Wii hasn't fitted into that. Whether Wii U does down the road is TBD."

Hines tells Videogamer that Bethesda is, in general, cautious of the next round of consoles. "For me the problems with new consoles are two-fold. The developers are trying to hit a moving technical target, because the platforms are being built. A new console doesn't just show up a year before launch and is exactly what it will be when it comes out. It moves and iterates along the way. And introducing something like that to games that are in development is always a bit tricky. And that is obviously an element of risk."

New systems also split the active audience, Hines says, though it goes without saying that Bethesda's pragmatic approach doesn't preclude support for upcoming systems. If there's a big enough audience, it won't be left wanting for dragons and cheese wheels.

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