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Fox News: New iMacs are imminent


Fox News "Fox and Friends" host Clayton Morris is a huge Apple fanboy like us, and he's reporting today that "the iMacs are coming."

His take is that delayed in-store pickup of the 27-inch model -- which TUAW reported on last week -- as well as multiple sources telling him that a "new lineup of desktop machines from Apple is imminent" is enough to run a story saying that the company is going to "unveil (a) new lineup of desktop iMacs."

Well, that will happen eventually. But whether or not it happens at the September 12 Apple event is another question. Yes, all of us would love to see a Retina display iMac with the new Ivy Bridge processors and better graphics chips, USB 3.0 and a thinner design thanks to no optical drive. But is Apple going to spoil the fun at the iPhone-dominated event next week with a throw-off announcement about a product that doesn't contribute a whole lot to the company's bottom line?

A quick check showed that the availability of both the 21.5-inch and 27-inch models for in-store pickup is now showing "Available Sep 19" across the US. A wild guess? That is probably the date that new iMacs might be announced and available, as to not take any of the shine off of the iPhone announcement.

Fox News New iMacs are imminent

What's your take on the iMac story? Are the new machines imminent (next week), or do you think that Apple will wait another week (September 19) to unveil the new desktops? Leave your comments below.

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