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One major feature of iOS 6 is Passbook, an app that stores rewards cards, airline tickets, coupons and more. Right now, the app is bare as most companies don't offer passes that are compatible with the app. Individuals and businesses that want to get a jump on the competition by creating their own passes should check out, a start-up Passbook pass creation service. will soon offer an online tool that'll let you design and distribute your own Passbook passes. You can save the passes in your online Pass Portfolio and access them from any web browser. The service will also include an analytics feature to track common metrics like how many times a pass is opened or deleted. The company hopes to have the service up and running by the end of September. isn't the first company to start offering custom-made Passbook passes. PassSource also recently launched a website that will step you through the process of creating and managing a Passbook-compatible pass.

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