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Breakfast Topic: Are fishing changes a good thing?


I wrote a piece on Friday about the removal of the need for fishing poles in order to fish. A nice little bit of news, I thought, that had no huge impact on the game. Indeed, the only impact it does have is, in my eyes, a positive one: when you're out fishing on a PvP server, and you get ganked by a passing enemy, you're no longer flailing hopelessly at them with a bit of wood rather than a gigantic shiny axe! This, I think, is a good thing.

So I was surprised when this simple little piece of news was greeted with a slew of comments. Some people seemed upset about the fact that it doesn't automatically select an upgraded fishing pole if you have one in your bag. Others seemed upset because it meant they didn't have to use their upgraded fishing poles any more. Some complained that this was dumbing down the game.

Unusually, I actually have an opinion on this. This change, along with the similar changes to mining and skinning, is a good thing in my book. It removes an imbalance in world PvP, one of the focuses of Mists. If you want to stop, equip a fishing pole, and then fish, you can! People like me, who just want to pop to a pool and grab enough fish to make their raid food, can do so in peace.

And catering to casuals? The way I see it, it's fishing! Fishing is pretty much a 2-click game of chance, you build your skill up, do quests for fancy rods if you want to, fish for more fish. If you're lucky, you get what you wanted quickly. If you're really lucky you get a sea turtle, or win the fishing contest! I've never been that lucky, alas. There is pretty much zero skill involved, apart from a bit of google-fu to know where to fish.

Is removing a couple of clicks in order to mitigate a world PvP issue that favored the ganker over the gankee really a big deal? Is it dumbing down the game? I don't think so, but of course, that's just my opinion! What's yours? Oh, and another bag slot doesn't hurt!

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