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    Leaked screenshots show Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T and Verizon


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    Samsung may not have spilled the beans on US variants of the Galaxy Note II, but phablet fans have already set their sights on the usual suspects. Aiding rumors, for instance, are a collection of screenshots showing the phone running on both Verizon and Ma Bell's networks. A BriefMobile source says that the AT&T version of the oversized handset is being tested, as are T-Mobile, Bell Canada and Sprint variations. The AT&T version is said to be a dead ringer for the international model, retaining its quad-core Exynos processor while snubbing the network's branding. Much like Sammy itself, the source didn't have much to say about availability -- just "soon." Can't wait? Skip on down to the source link below to tease yourself with leaked screenshots.

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