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ArenaNet resumes digital sales of Guild Wars 2

A little over a week ago, ArenaNet brought a temporary halt to first-party digital sales of Guild Wars 2. At the time, the message was this: "Ensuring the best possible play experience for our fans is our highest priority. We've said before that we would be willing to temporarily disable first-party digital sales if we felt our high player concurrency may compromise player experiences. We have now reached that point."

It seems like we may be beyond that point now, however. While there's no official statement from ArenaNet yet, the digital purchase page for Guild Wars 2 appears to be up and running once again. On the same page, players are being prompted to include BradyGames' official Guild Wars 2 digital strategy guide ($14.99) and advised to "make the most of [their] time in Tyria with this comprehensive guide packed with tips and tactics, crucial info, and detailed analysis."

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