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Breakfast Topic: Will you be making a pandaren in Mists of Pandaria?


Will there be a pandaren on your character select screen come Sept. 25? Until recently, I'd assumed that would be the case for most players. Sure, some folks prefer to hold off and let the first wave (or three) or new players flood through the starting area, and others simply aren't into the pandaren at all. But come on, it's a new race! Among my friends and coworkers, even players who had no intention of playing a worgen or a goblin in Cataclysm eventually made one of each to visit the new areas and see what their stories were all about.

This time around, though, most of the devoted WoW players I know seem to already have worn out their little pandaren footpads in the Mists of Pandaria beta. Has everyone and their mother already played this expansion? Yes, I hold the dubious honor of digging into new content details every single day here at WoW Insider yet clinging desperately to a desire to discover as much of new lands and a new race as possible spoiler-free at my own pace after release. On top of that, I prefer to wait until the starting area isn't jammed full anymore. I know. Just kill me now.

Maybe you've been away from WoW for a while and see a pandaren as a fun way to roll your way back into the game. Or perhaps you've got plans to push your pandaren onto the front lines of your guild's raids in just a few weeks. (Gulp.) If you haven't already slipped through the mists of the beta to see what this new race is all about, are you planning to try a pandaren? A new main? One of many alts? What'll it be?


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