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Last Week in WoW: Greg Tiberius Street edition


Mists of Pandaria comes ever closer, and Blizzard's gearing up, from announcing launch events to showing TV spots. My favorite piece of news this week, however, is Ghostcrawler's triumphant entrance to Twitter. You can now receive Greg T. Street's wit and wisdom delivered to your smartphone in bursts of approximately 140 characters each. I myself was able to get some clarity on a question that's been near and dear to my heart for some time. Does the "T" stand for Tiberius? Ghostcrawler told me it doesn't, but he's willing to entertain a name change. I'd say that's what our country is all about, ladies and gentlemen.

As of this writing, downtime today starts at 3 a.m. PDT, and is expected to last at least 8 hours. If you've already caught up on Ghostcrawler's twitter stream, why not stay here with us? Read on for a rundown of the best news and features from the past 7 days.

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