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Samsung reportedly working on new anti-Apple TV ad


Samsung may have lost the first round of its US legal battle with Apple, but that loss is not holding the company back from attacking Apple with its marketing dollars. According to a report from The Verge, the Korean manufacturer is working on another advertisement that makes fun of Apple fans waiting in line for their next device.

Previous commercials showed a Samsung Galaxy S II owner walking by Apple fans who are waiting for the next iPhone. The Samsung owner flashes his phone at the line-waiters, who are focused on blogs reports about the new iPhone. Once they realize it's a Samsung device, the iPhone owners shake their heads and proclaim they've been "Samsunged."

The leaked information from The Verge claims Samsung's upcoming commercial will feature a fake Apple store, fake signage and fake employees. One thing that won't be faked is the response from Apple fans, who will likely too busy with their iPhone 5 to care.

You can view photos and read more about the Samsung commercial at The Verge's website.

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