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    Daily iPad App: Let Pix: Image Search help you find that perfect image


    Occasionally, my kids will ask me what something looks like and I will grab my iPad to look it up. Rather than opening mobile Safari, I recently turned my attention to a new app from Inglorious Apps called Pix: Image Search. As its name suggests, Pix: Image Search is an image search tool that lets you search several image hosting services including Bing, Flickr, Google, Picasa, Twitter and Photobucket.

    Pix: Image Search opens to a blank slate with a search box, an option button and a drop-down menu to select your image service. You can select one image service to search at a time and each query will pull up a handful of images. The results are arranged as a grid of thumbnails, which you can browse as a group or individually in a full-screen slideshow.

    When viewing images, there is an option to save each image to your photo roll or view it within its source website. You can also adjust the safe search settings, so you can filter out inappropriate images. This is a useful feature, especially when using the app with kids.

    The biggest difficulty I encountered wasn't with the app, it was with me. I'm so used to opening Safari, it took some training to get me to open Pix: Image Search instead. Once I got accustomed to opening the app instead of the browser, I really appreciated the ease and simplicity of Pix: Image Search.

    Pix: Image Search is a universal app. It's available for $0.99 from the iOS App Store.

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