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Unnamed Olympus point and shoot leaks, looks like the XZ-2


Photokina's just around the corner, folks, so it's only natural for a few of the cameras to get leaked before their official debuts in Germany. What you see above is a picture scrounged up by the folks at Digicam info, and it appears to be of the Olympus XZ-2, an update to the company's XZ-1 point and shoot. From the looks of things, the new model largely retains the look of the old, save for a faux leather grip and the addition of a toggle switch of unknown purpose on the front. It also seems that Olympus will be rolling out an underwater case and a molded cowhide cover to go with the camera when it arrives. Folks searching for a closer look at the hardware can find it at the source below, or y'know, wait until we get our hands on it next week.

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