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Verizon sends invitations to closed trial of FiOS TV app for iOS with live streaming


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Want to know the definition of frustration? Try being teased with a FiOS TV app that supports live streaming, only to be denied when the app shows up. The end to that (admittedly mild) form of torture may be in sight. Engadget has learned through a tip that Verizon is sending invitations among a limited group to test a new FiOS TV iOS app with the usual schedule browsing, DVR control... oh, and live TV. Flex View On Demand videos and local media should be on tap as well, although it's not clear whether or not any of the options will require an active link to Verizon's fiber or cellular networks to watch. The trial leaves some time to go before we're tuning in through a bedside iPhone 5; even so, it suggests the gap between hope and reality is about to close.

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