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Wii U basic and premium SKUs coming to Japan on December 8


Nintendo has just revealed the Wii U console will cost in ¥31,500 in Japan for a black 32GB Premium set, and ¥26,250 for the white 8GB Basic set. It'll be available there December 8.

Now, don't go getting out your calculators to do the conversion if you live overseas just yet. There are still two more events planned today for the US and Europe, which will reveal if the dates and pricing are the same. For reference, ¥31,500/¥26,250 converts to around $405/$338. Nintendo also revealed the GamePad will cost ¥13,440 ($173) when purchased separately.

On the hardware side, Nintendo revealed the console has 2GB of RAM, with games using 1GB and system memory occupying the remainder. Game discs have a 25GB capacity.

Nintendo also announced the Nintendo Network Premium service, a subscription only available with the 32GB Premium set. Subscribers get eShop points via the service, and a 10 percent discount on digital purchases. The subscription runs through to December 2014.

In total, the Basic set comes with 8GB memory, a GamePad, AC adapters, and an HDMI cable for ¥26,250. The Premium set comes with all that, along with a console stand, GamePad charging dock, GamePad stand, and the Nintendo Network Premium subscription, all for ¥31,500.

At 10AM Eastern (3PM UK time), Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe will hold events revealing the price of the console and release date for their respective regions.

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