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Phat Loot Phriday: Wind Rider Cub


Soot growled as Lolegolas's Wind Rider Cub took a bite out of the Netherwhelp. The young wind rider pinned the dragonkin to the ground. For all the world, the cub looked like it was smiling.

"Look, I'm not trying to be obnoxious," the blood elf said mildly. "But I've been running with this cub for as long as I've existed in this... uh..."

"Story!" Miranda shouted helpfully. "Don't say column, it annoys people who follow continuity."

"... uh, story," Lolegolas finished. "Did you really think you were going to get in a pet fight with Throgg? I'm a hunter. It's built into my character.

Throgg finished smashing Miranda free from her cage, shaking his head in annoyance. "Didn't even get to fight. It's a sad world when an orc can't axe the bad guy."

Soot sighed as he sat on the ground. "I guess the Throgg Days of Summer are finally over."

"Really?" Miranda asked mildly. "That's how we're leaving this? With a bad pun?"

"Back to basics," Throgg said. "That's the new plan. Just the basics. Jokes and isolated stories. Think it'll work?"

"It'd take a miracle," Miranda answered.

"Hey," Throgg said suddenly. "Has anyone seen my dog?"

Item Notes: It's true! Lolegolas's first appearance was with a wind rider cub waaaay back when. Since this is one of the last PLP's before the expansion, I wanted to wrap up this somewhat meandering story with a shout out to the beginnings. Let the pandamonium begin!

Phat Loot Phriday brings you the scoop on some of the most ... interesting ... loot in the World of Warcraft, often viewed through the eyes of the stalwart Throgg and indelible Lolegolas. Suggest items you think we should feature by emailing

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