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Breakfast Topic: How much mischief are you up for?

Anne Stickney

Once upon a time back in the days of vanilla, Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair were the only two raids available for players at max level. While raiding, warlocks and hunters noticed a peculiar bug -- their pet could be targeted by Geddon's Living Bomb ability. If the pet were dismissed before the ability went off, it could be re-summoned in other locations with the ability still active. And in vanilla, the only Auction Houses to be found were in Ironforge and Orgrimmar, which meant the places were always packed.

You know what this is leading to -- mass chaos in the form of pet bombing unsuspecting players. Player pranks like this have existed since the game began, although most commonly found in the form of kiting one boss or another to a highly populated area. Each time, the bug gets hotfixed, some epic videos of the madness inevitably find their way to YouTube, and life goes on.

We saw another of these pranks come to life the other day when death knights discovered they could cast their diseases on anyone -- friendly players and NPCs included. The results were suitably chaotic. The way I see it, sure you could get angry at the perpetrators -- or you could just shake your head and laugh. I'm of the laughing variety myself. But even if it's admittedly funny, I don't think I could ever see myself actively participating in something like that, regardless of how much fun it appears to be.

What about you? If your character were suddenly given a bugged ability that allowed you to wreak temporary havoc on the lives of unsuspecting players, would you do it? Would you report the bug to Blizzard? Have you ever participated in something like this before? Ever found your day interrupted by a well-kited boss? What do you think of spontaneous bouts of mischief?

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