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Bundle in a Box is DRM-free in Deep Space, with DRM (Death Ray Manta)


Bundle in a Box offers pay-what-you-want pricing, starting at $0.99, on a digital box full of DRM-free games – except for that one DRM game in the current Deep Space bundle.

Death Ray Manta is available exclusively via the Bundle in a Box right now, alongside Space Giraffe, The Wreckless, Dark Scavenger and Armalyte, and special content for Droidscape: Basilica when that drops in the final quarter of 2012 for iOS and Android. Paying more than the average ($4.59 as of this writing) gets you Sol: Exodus, Miner Wars Arena, RobotRiot and Armalyte Extras. As the total number of sales increases, more goodies for everyone are unlocked as well.

So far Deep Space has sold more than 1,500 bundles, with 11 days left to buy. Sales benefit the Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family and the Indie Dev Grant.

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