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The Daily Grind: Should companies offer release schedules for updates?

Eliot Lefebvre

If you've been following the news about The Secret World lately, you know that the game's second monthly update has now been delayed until next week, meaning that it's missing the "monthly" mark entirely. That's part of the development process; projects wind up taking more time than you expect. That's normal. But it does mean that the promise of "monthly content updates" isn't coming to fruition, and that promise may have been better off never being made in the first place.

Lots of companies promise a certain rate of content delivery, and more often than not those targets get missed on a regular basis. Making the promise does serve a purpose, however, as it helps players know that the game's team is still hard at work. So are promises of update schedules a good thing? Or should studios stop saying that there will be a regular stream of updates when it so rarely comes to pass?

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