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How launched itself to the top got its real start the day IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer beat Garry Kasparov at chess. Viktor Kislyi,'s CEO, came to the conclusion that civilization had moved on and that computers were the future. His first game, made over the course of two years with his brother and played by only two other people on the planet, was Iron Age, a turn-based strategy game in the traditions of Risk and Civilization. After that, Kislyi worked on translating the miniature wargame De Bellis Antiquitatis to the virtual (but still historically accurate) world.

After the success of DBA, Kislyi and those around him created the Massive Assault games, Galactic Assault, and Order of War. After that, development for World of Tanks began, although in the early days, it was a drastically different game. The game began as a "fantasy arena style battle game," but circumstances intervened, and eventually World of Tanks as we know and love it was born.

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