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Zynga acquires 'mid-core' developer A Bit Lucky


Zynga announced today it has acquired A Bit Lucky, a "mid-core" game developer, according to the company blog. The studio previously created Lucky Train and Lucky Space, but is currently working on a multiplayer, multiplatform game called Solstice Arena.

The company's mid-core initiative is explained as seeking deeper gameplay experiences that are attractive to a wide range of players and enjoyed by core gamers. Examples of hires to fit this initiative include Mortal Kombat co-creator John Tobias, joining Mark Turmell at Zynga San Diego as creative director. The company also has Spore and Civilization 4 designer Soren Johnson working on a game at Zynga East in Baltimore.

The company wouldn't comment on whether this is the beginning of a chain of acquisitions to change its current perception with investors, following a string of recent bad news that included lawsuits, scandals, high-profile departures and an ever-hurting stock price.

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