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Alcaz Island deserted following Theramore scenario

Matthew Rossi

Last night, after I completed the Theramore scenario, I took a ride out to the ruins to look for old friends like Smiling Jim and Captain Garran Vimes (both I presume deceased) and while there, I ended up tooling out to Alcaz Island. When I got there, I noticed a curious thing - the place was deserted. There were no naga patrolling it, no black dragon elite flying above it, and no Doctor Weavil inside the buildings.

I then logged on a character who hasn't done the scenario and sure enough, everyone was back (I even went and let Weavil MC me for two minutes just for old times' sake). Is this deliberate? A sign of potential future changes? A phasing bug? I have no idea. I'd personally like to see the Alliance fortify Alcaz Island and turn it into a base for future attacks on Durotar and the Horde, but right now all I know is that Doctor Weavil probably saw that huge mana bomb explosion and decided to get somewhere with less explosions. The guy likes to nap.

Thanks to Chris for the reminder.

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