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Blizzard's official zone previews continue with Krasarang Wilds

Matthew Rossi

Blizzard keeps going strong with its preview series, this time focusing on Krasarang Wilds. Associate quest designer Zach Owens gives a rundown of this unique zone, covering what players will encounter in its verdant depths. Personally I found the Wilds to be one of the most intriguing zones in the game, with the Temple of the Red Crane worth simply admiring as an aesthetic experience. Krasarang is home to the Angler's Wharf, and will be the site of many clashes with the Sha as well as between Alliance and Horde forces looking to exploit the place.

The mogu, the mantid, the hozen and the saurok are all also here and players will find plenty to do, whether you're after exploration or old fashioned mayhem. So head on over to the official preview now and check it out.

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