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PSN Tuesday: Borderlands 2, Jet Set Radio, more PSOne Classics for Vita


The digital version of Borderlands 2, available as a download alongside its Blu-Ray sibling starting today, leads this week's PSN content dump. Gearbox Software's next installment in the gun grab-em-up is accompanied by Zuma's Revenge and the HD revival of Jet Set Radio.

Additionally, the PlayStation Vita gets 17 more PSOne Classics this week, including Jumping Flash 1 and 2, King of Fighters '99, Cool Boarders 3, Destruction Derby, Jet Moto 2 and many more. PS Plus subscribers can grab a free full game trial of EA reboot SSX and get 10% off on all Rock Band DLC packs as part of Harmonix's big sale. For the full list of this week's content, head over to the PlayStation Blog.

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