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Twitter for iPad 5.0 adds new profiles, photo streams, more


Twitter has released version 5.0 of its app for iPhone and iPad. This update includes a completely re-worked iPad version, which is most welcome. The biggest change is in how the app looks.

It's a huge improvement. Consider the following images. At the top is the previous version, set up to compose a reply. What a confusing, convoluted mess. Beneath that, the current version. It's nice and simple with a compose field floating above the main feed. My eyes don't want to commit suicide while looking at that.

Other changes include a header image option, rather like that of Facebook and Path. Here's an example of how that looks from Nik Fletcher. It's derivative but pretty.

Photos are also displayed inline, which looks nice. I had trouble finding the account switcher, but eventually my internet buddy Jason Percival pointed it out.

It is basically the web app now, and that's fine. Because it used to be an unusable mess.

Twitter for iPad 50 adds new profiles, photo streams, more

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