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Borderlands 2 'Torgue' expansion turns up on The Workshop resumes


Borderlands 2 promises four bits of DLC by June, and one of those may very well be based on the game's Torgue weapons manufacturer. A "Torgue" expansion is listed on a few resumes from The Workshop Entertainment, the studio behind PS3 Move's Sorcery, as spotted by Superannuation.

A level designer lists the Torgue expansion for Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and a former senior level designer (through August 2012) lists "unannounced DLC" for those three platforms. Superannuation notes a current animator also includes the Torgue DLC listing on his resume, but that has since been taken offline.

Another Workshop level designer describes one piece of unannounced DLC as an "expansion for a highly successful triple-A FPS," and with more than 10 hours of gameplay.

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