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Highlights from the Best Buy Developer Q&A

Matthew Rossi

I was unable to participate in the Best Buy Developer Q&A last night. Luckily, Wowhead News has all of us who missed it covered with this complete transcript of the event. There's a lot here to dig through, but a few of the responses elicited interest from me.
  • We're not going to see N'Zoth, Turalyon and Alleria, or Magni Bronzebeard make a return in Mists of Pandaria. Sorry, guys. The Old Gods in general will be more felt by the legacy of their actions than by their actual presence.
  • We will get more from the blood elves in patch 5.1 - considering the mana bomb that destroyed Theramore was a blood elf creation, that's not surprising to me at all.
  • They're going to see how hard it is to remove the "one DK per server" restriction, as the rule seems antiquated at this point.
  • Wintergrasp could be included as a max level battleground if there's enough demand for it - the motivation would be to remove the group imbalance issues.
  • The gear from Theramore's Fall at 85 will not be available at level 90. Get it now, folks.
  • They're going to add the ability to enter old raids without being in a raid specifically for transmog farming.
And there's a lot more there for you to comb through and obsess over, if you're that kind of person. Since I am, I'll provide you the link again, and you can get started.

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