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Minecraft XBLA considering mods, diverging from PC after 1.8.2


Update 1.8.2 for Minecraft on XBLA adds creative mode, new food and new mobs, bringing the game closer than ever to its PC counterpart. After this update, developer 4J Studios is considering the addition of mods, though in a different sense than on PC.

"This isn't something that will be coming with 1.8.2, but will be further down the line," 4J Chief Technology Officer Paddy Burns tells Hookshot Inc. "The Xbox 360 won't be able to have the mod system that gives such a variety of community additions to the game on PC, but we're looking at the elements of these that people seem to be enjoying the most, and deciding how we could tailor those elements into something for Xbox."

Xbox 360 players are based in a living room, using a controller, and this fundamentally alters the way they interact with the game, Burns says. "We need to ensure that whatever we do is right for that audience."

Minecraft XBLA may diverge from its PC parentage in big ways in the future. "We're going to be discussing with Mojang where we go after version 1.2.3," Burns says. "Some ideas of taking the game in a different direction from PC having been raised already."

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