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New interview sheds light on Black Desert's open world

Jef Reahard

Last week we told you about a new MMO called Black Desert. There was a trailer, it was gorgeous, etc. Today we've learned a little more about the Korean import thanks to an interview at

For one thing, all those beautiful vistas in the trailer are part of a seamless world. For another, the combat is action-focused and features the ability to dodge and block. There's also something called horse-drifting, which the devs say is part of a battle and movement system inspired by Red Dead Redemption.

The game is class-based; current archetypes include Fighters, Sorcerers, Beasts, and Tamers, though the names will likely change going forward. Black Desert also looks to feature optional PvP as well as bind-on-equip items that don't drop if you're killed by another player. When can you get your hands on all these fine features? Not for a while, it seems. The devs say they're shooting for a Korean beta sometime in 2013.

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