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Sony Xperia T for AT&T achieves FCC victory

Brad Molen

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We witnessed the Sony Xperia T make its way through the FCC approval process a few days ago, but there was still something drastically missing: compatibility with AT&T LTE. But as some images published by UK retailer Phones4U attested to, we figured it was only a matter of time. Now that time has come, as the FCC pushed through the Xperia Mint Amy LT30at (the global Xperia T is the Mint Rita LT30p, if you're keeping track) today. Not only does the Amy sport the requisite AT&T-friendly bands (4 and 17, with support for bands 2 and 5 as well), some of the docs specifically call this device out as the AT&T version. We've always admired Sony's bluntness around FCC docs when other manufacturers attempt to hide as much information as possible. To do some digging of your own, have a look-see at the source link.

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