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PSA: Realms of Ancient War hits XBLM today, PSN next week


Should you prefer your dungeon crawlers even more traditional than Torchlight 2, or if you just want your absolute fill of the stuff, Realms of Ancient War may be worth a gander. French studio Wizarbox, who developed RAW over the last two years, is openly proud of its game's familiar blueprints.

"We catered every aspect of RAW towards action lovers," says Wizarbox project manager Julien Millet on the PlayStation Blog. "You won't find a lot of dialogue boxes or tiresome side quests. While the story will keep you intrigued, there are no drawn-out conversations to get in the way of the monster-slaying. Our three character classes are instantly familiar: barbarian, wizard and a female rogue. But we've added a ton of unique skills and spells to keep things feeling fresh. The goal was to develop our own 'best case scenario' of the hack-and-slash games we have all loved since Gauntlet."

RAW (we prefer its fullest title) is available today on XBLM for 1200 MSP. While the game becomes available for European PSN users today, it won't hit the American PlayStation Store until September 25. Finally, it also becomes available for PC on October 4.

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