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ArenaNet celebrates concept artists, sheds light on WvW queues [Updated]

One of ArenaNet's main selling points for Guild Wars 2 is the game's art direction. In recognition of that, the studio has begun a series of weekly interviews, which kicked off with a chat with Concept Artist Team Lead Jamie Ro. After getting her start in Auckland, New Zealand, Ro worked on developing a new style of art once she got to the States. She's pleased to be on a team with "some of the most talented people in the industry" whose "support and friendly competition" keep her motivated, and she believes that the diversity of artists and art styles represented in the concept art department is a real strength of the team. Head on over to the official interview to see all of what she has to say.

In other Guild Wars 2 news, Mike Ferguson has been busy updating players about World vs World queue numbers. About 30% of Guild Wars 2 players queued up for WvW on the day that his data was taken, and about 3% of the players who were queued up didn't get in during that time. Ferguson says that the team is "looking at a number of short term and long term solutions" to help get more people playing and fewer people queuing. There are a lot of charts to be seen, so take a gander at the NA and EU server posts to see what's up.

[Update: The team also plans to limit world transfers to one per 24 hours in an attempt to limit WvW exploits.]

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