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Dragon's Dogma gets Dark Arisen expansion in 2013 [update: new modes video]


Capcom is bringing a "major expansion" to Dragon's Dogma in 2013. The company divulged little else about the expansion, called 'Dark Arisen,' beyond the above teaser. We also have a few appropriately dark screenshots below the break.

Capcom also tells us that two free modes are being patched into the RPG later this year. Following the 'Easy' mode released last month, the 'Hard' mode cranks things up the other way but with the promise of extra loot. Meanwhile, 'Speedun' rewards players who beat the game in an allotted time.

As for the expansion, Capcom promises to spill the beans soon. Until then, strength in numbers, Arisen.

Update: We also have a short video for the new Hard and Speedrun modes after the break.

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