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Breakfast Topic: What Cataclysm mistakes are you hoping to see Mists fix?


We've seen a lot of fantastic interviews lately from the Blizzard team, notably our very own Anne Stickney interviewing Dave Kosak, Wowcrendor talking with Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street, and the BestBuy Developer Q&A.

Throughout these interviews, we've read all about the fantastic new things that are coming for Mists, and recently Zarhym tweeted a video that had been used for Blizzard staff internally for Mists motivation, and that he wanted to share with us for a little bit of the same.

So, having read a lot of these interviews, one common theme seems to be things Blizzard got wrong in Cataclysm that they wanted to fix for Mists. Ghostcrawler mentions the linear nature of quest zones, and Dave Kosak says much the same -- they were tiresome to play through over and over again, and they're looking to change this up a lot in Mists. Kosak also mentions dailies -- a pet hate of mine -- and how they're looking to really rework them for the new expansion. I have to say, I'm not entirely convinced, but I'd be very happy to be proven wrong!

Another thing that many of the dev chats have covered is end-game content, and how with Mists there's going to be way more of it available. Now, as a PvP-focused player, I've never had too many complaints about the lack of end-game content, but if there's one thing I'm really excited about in Mists it's challenge modes. Putting the PvP in PvE! And if the devs could please avoid having one raid be a whole tier, like Dragon Soul and Firelands, that would be totally amazing.

So tell me, what Cataclysm errors are you hoping to see Mists fix? What was wrong in Cata that might be right this time around? And are you as excited as I am about challenge modes and pandas?

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