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NVIDIA to offer up documentation for Tegra graphics core to prove its commitment to open-source (video)


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There's nothing like a little smack talk to light the fire under certain derrieres. It's been a few months since Linus Torvalds got verbal about NVIDIA's support for the semi-eponymous OS, prompting the chip-maker to say "supporting Linux is important to us." Proving that its word is good, NVIDIA will be releasing programming documentation for its Tegra architecture graphics core. The news comes from a talk given by Lucas Stach of the Nouveau project (who develop free drivers for the NVIDIA platform) at the XDC2012 conference. The focus will initially be on Tegra's 2D rendering engine, but it's hopes the 3D will soon follow. So, while Torvalds' approach might have been a little bit brusque, you can't fault its effectiveness. Video of the XDC talk after the break.

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