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Not So Massively: Torchlight II free demo, Diablo III's Ubers revealed


It's been a long time coming, but Torchlight II is finally here, and you can play a demo version of it completely free. Diablo III fansite Diablofans has been digging around in the test realm patch files to find out how the game's new Uber bosses works and what awesome rewards can be found by fighting them. Path of Exile celebrates its fourth successful public stress test weekend and looks at an interesting character build that lets players kills monsters by setting themselves on fire.

League of Legends released details of its next champion this week, the stealthy insectoid Kha'Zix, who can evolve his abilities in the middle of a game. Dota 2 officially released classic champion Meepo The Geomancer this week, and upcoming MOBA Prime World announced an odd new "PvEvP" game mode. Upcoming FPS Firefall came under fire from some beta testers this week for the unpolished state of its current beta client, and Blacklight: Retribution released the winning video of its bolt-action rifle montage contest.

Torchlight II title image
Action RPG Torchlight II has been a long time in the making, but this week it officially released and shot straight to the number two top seller spot on Steam. If you've been thinking of giving Torchlight II a go but aren't sure if you'll like it, Runic Games has released a free demo of the game for download on the official Torchlight II website.

Diablo III title image
Diablo III caused a bit of a stir with last week's announcement of an uber-boss mechanic coming in the game's next big update. Uber farming was a popular part of Diablo II's endgame because of the incredibly valuable Hellfire Torch drop and the fact that the Uber boss area could be abused to power-level new characters in a matter of minutes. Blizzard hasn't released any official information on Diablo III's version of the mechanic, but fansite Diablofans has datamined the test realm's patch files to find out how the system will probably work.

The Inferno Machine that opens the portal to the new Uber boss area is crafted from three keys, which are dropped by three new super-unique minibosses in Act 2's Dahlgur Oasis, Act 3's Stonefort, and Act 4's Silverspire. The Silverspire boss also drops the plans for the Inferno Machine. If the challenge of fighting new Uber bosses isn't enough to make you want to build the machine, Blizzard has another trick up its sleeve: the Hellfire Rings.

Each Uber boss has a chance to drop a body part when he dies, and you can combine three body parts into the potentially incredible new Hellfire Ring. The ring has four random properties, 170 to 200 to a random stat, 35% increased XP gain, and a chance to launch fireballs at enemies you attack.

Path of Exile title image
Following its fourth successful public stress test weekend, upcoming action RPG Path of Exile released an interesting new Build of the Week video. Beta tester PalavaKostaja submitted the build, which combines a skill that sets the player on fire with items and passive skills that grant massive fire resistance and life regeneration.

The result is that the player can kill monsters with his fire aura by literally just running through them, an unintended but highly effective strategy. The Build of the Week series is designed to showcase Path of Exile's massive character customisability, and all 11 characters shown so far have been completely unique. Path of Exile is due to enter open beta later this year and will be free-to-play when it's fully released.

League of Legends title image
This week Riot Games revealed the next champion due to become available in League of Legends. Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver, is an insectoid hunter with the unique ability to adapt his skills as the game continues. At levels 6, 11 and 16, Kha'Zix gets an evolution point that can be spent to unlock more powerful versions of his skills. He gains bonus damage when hidden from the enemy team, which makes him a natural jungler and a serious threat when hidden or stealthed.

With the LoL world championships approaching, this week Riot released details of the final balance patch to be released before the tournament. Ziggs and Rengar are due for a boost, Yorick's ghouls are being slowed during the laning phase, and Vladimir's mid-game damage is being reduced. The patch also significantly boosts Caitlyn and Miss Fortune, two carries that haven't been seen in competitive games for some time and may now make a re-appearance at the world championships.

Dota 2 title image
The Dota 2 development team became giddy with excitement this week with the release of the game's newest hero: Meepo The Geomancer. Meepo is a classic DotA hero that players loved for his ability to split into clones of himself and teleport to any clone on the map.

Firefall title image
Upcoming MMOFPS Firefall became embroiled in some controversy this week when Red 5 Studios' CEO Mark Kern voiced his disappointment with recent player feedback. Red 5 has always aimed to involve players early in the development process, showing beta testers features before they're polished in order to get early feedback. All of the players who purchased founder packages were recently given access to the game's beta, but some of them have been ranting about the game's incomplete state even though it's still in beta.

Blacklight: Retribution title image
The Blacklight: Retribution sniper montage contest came to an end this week, with three players winning rare in-game helmets and one player having his setup for the bolt-action sniper rifle turned into a default weapon in the game. Player Mystic came first place with his awesome entry Nightmares in Reality that combines dubstep, clever video edit timing, and impressive sniping skills.

Prime World title image
Prime World developer Nival has been very quiet for some time and this week announced its silence was due to the fact that developers were busy refining the game in the Russian open beta. Nival discussed recent changes in a developer update, which introduces a cryptic new "PvEvP" game mode called Dragonwald, a fast-paced Outpost mode, and a defense-based Homeland game type. There's no information on how each of these game modes plays, but developers plan to release the game next in Turkey and then soon move to EU and US launches.

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