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Guild Wars 2 patches up dungeon rewards and difficulty

Eliot Lefebvre

If you've had your fill of helping NPCs around the world and advancing your personal story in Guild Wars 2, you're probably going to head into one of the game's dungeons. You may have noticed some changes to the way that the dungeon rewarded your accomplishments if you've already done that today. These changes are the result of the game's newest patch, which has altered the reward structure for dungeon tokens and some of the encounter mechanics within individual dungeons.

Players now receive dungeon tokens by reaching the end of an explorable chain rather than via individual boss kills, which prevents players from farming the first boss that drops tokens. To help increase the overall rewards from a single run, the chains will offer 20 tokens on completion and an additional 40 the first time you clear one in a given day. Thus, clearing all three chains in a given dungeon in one day will reward you with 180 tokens in total. Read up on the full changes, along with some minor balance adjustments and bugfixes, in the full patch notes.

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