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City of Heroes issues sunset FAQ, event schedule


Paragon Studios -- or what's left of it -- has just released an FAQ aiming to clarify the sunset process for its doomed superhero MMO City of Heroes. Like last week's status update, the FAQ reminds players that the game will formally close down on November 30th, and though you can spend existing cash shop points, you cannot create new F2P accounts or upgrade your existing account to VIP. The FAQ outlines the refund process in detail; NCsoft will be refunding outstanding subscription and gametime card balances.

In happier news, Assistant Community Manager Jessie "Hitstreak" Lawrence took to the forums this afternoon to post the schedule of sunset events, which appear to be existing holiday and themed events from seasons past:
Summer Blockbuster: October 5 - October 8
Double XP: October 18 - October 22
Halloween Event: October 26 - October 29
Winter Event: November 9 - November 12
Rikti Invasion: November 23 - November 30.

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