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Daily iPhone App: djay for iPhone 5 brings new features to the wider screen


Algoriddim's music-mixing djay app has been a hit on both Mac and iOS for a while now, so it's not brand new by any means. But the iPhone version has just been updated with some new features, including compatibility with the iPhone 5's wider screen. And while a lot of developers have been content to simply spread things out with the extra real estate, Algoriddim has gone the extra mile, and actually added in some functionality that takes advantage of the extra space. You can see the difference above: The new version has volume sliders on each side of the virtual turntables, and the BPM is represented for each track above those sliders.

There are two other big changes in the app that take advantage of new features in iOS 6. The first is that audio can now be routed within the iPhone, which Algoriddim calls a "game-changer" this means that the iPhone can send one signal out of its Lightning dock adapter, and another out of the headphone port at the same time, which means that with the right setup, DJs can listen to one track while another is playing. The latest version of djay, obviously, supports this. And the other change is that you can now buy and display music from iTunes right inside the app, which means users can pick up new jams without ever stopping the beat. Both of these features are pretty impressive, and make a big difference in how djay can be used to play music from the iPhone 5.

And as if all of that wasn't enough, djay for iPhone 5 is now also on sale for just $0.99, which is a crazy price for such a feature-filled app. Algoriddim has won multiple awards for this one already, and the new features with the wider screen and iOS 6 mean this one's a must-grab if you don't have it yet.

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