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Torchlight 2 on Mac 'will take a couple months at least'


The Mac version of Torchlight 2 is "next on the agenda, but it will take a couple months at least," Runic CEO Matt Schaefer says on Reddit. We knew Runic Games was working on a Mac version of Torchlight 2, before the team travels far away from any form of technology for a few weeks, and now we know when Runic will be booking their cabins.

Nine of the developers involved in Humble Indie Bundle 6 are answering questions in a Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' session, and even though Torchlight 2 isn't part of the bundle, Schaefer answered a question about the highly rated sequel. Schaefer added that he'd even like to see Torchlight 2 in a Humble Indie Bundle "down the road."

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