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Kinect can track Paranormal Activity in the home


Paranormal Activity 4 comes out in October and looks to uphold the series' legacy of gritty camera work and terrifying jump-scare moments. As with its predecessors, 4 adds new reasons an otherwise normal house would have 24-hour demon-tracking technology in every room, including one piece of hardware that isn't out of place in a modern suburban home: Kinect.

The latest trailer for Paranormal Activity 4, viewable above, shows the family in a darkened room explaining the projections of Kinect's tracking dots. Creepy. Later on the dots pick up something that isn't human, which is also pretty scary, we guess.

Since Kinect is obviously the latest tech trend in ghost hunting, we expect to see it pop up on Ghost Adventures soon, alongside that audio box that spits out random words, that thing that analyzes "energy" in mysterious units and that guy who always gets sick. Science.

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